Welcome to my blog! In a nutshell, I’m just your average rock n roll loving classically trained musician who just so happens to be a pastor’s daughter. On second thought, maybe I’m not so average. . .

Coming from a religious upbringing, rock music  was strictly banned in my house, as were most other aspects of secular culture. At age 16, a friend of mine lent me two albums; Pink Floyd – The Wall and Jar of Flies – Alice in Chains. My love affair with this vast, mysterious genre began. Now, I’m on a never-ending journey to discover more music, old and new.  The classics, the oddities, and everything in between.

I don’t exclusively listen to rock; in fact, my musical tastes ranges from Whitney Houston to Rachmaninoff to Slayer, but for the purpose of this blog, I will mainly explore rock and the genres that influence it, like blues, funk, and soul.  Perhaps it is the forbidden fruit that tastes the sweetest after all. . .

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